Why Join FOP?

Why should I join the FOP?
  • Most powerful representation of membership with a nationally recognized pro-active Labor, community, and social organization
  • Labor and Social organization under one roof – what members were asking for
  • Higher life insurance — ($125,000.00) + ($125,000.00) Accidential. (see more details in the life insurance packet)
  • 24 Hour Legal Representation
  • Workers Compensation — Burgess & Perigard, PLLC
  • Shooting response team
  • Better communications with members (Facebook, Email updates)
  • More members involvement — events/operations
  • FOP Executive Board members sitting on the use of force, shooting response, and department budget committees, chiefs process.
  • Input in department policy and procedures
  • Members are Welcome at any FOP Lodge located around the world
  • Open financial reports — members can see the books at any time.
  • Training grants
  • College scholarships
  • National FOP membership cards open a lot of doors nationally
  • Replacement of off-duty weapon and holster if involved in off-duty “good” shooting
  • Future events – Family Days Cookouts, Happy Hours, Dinner Dance – NO COST TO MEMBERS!
  • Fundraising – CSG – Phone solicitations, Motorcycle Rally (Poker Runs), Raffles

Recruiting Packet – Read all that FOP Lodge 77 has to offer for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)